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2017 27th Vietnam International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition

2017 27th Vietnam International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition

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Time: 2017 Nian April 19 to 22

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam International Exhibition Centre (ICE)

Sponsor: Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment

Supported by: Ministry of Construction of Vietnam Vietnam Hanoi Municipal Science and Technology Ministry, the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency Vietnam Chamber of Commerce Vietnam all relevant government ministries, associations, economic organizations, units
Market Background: Vietnam about 88.78 million people, ranking the world's first 14, 1995 joined ASEAN Free Trade Area with the United States established diplomatic relations, and the European Union signed a free trade agreement; 1998 joined the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation APEC; January 2007 official World Trade Organization WTO Article 150 Member States, is now the world's economic growth rate ranked second in the country (after China). US Department of Commerce statistics show that Vietnam has become the second largest US exporter of plastic retail bags, their exports from 2006 to slightly more than $ 19 million to nearly $ 86 million in 2008. The US imposed on plastic bags in Vietnam less than 5% import duty. Vietnamese plastic industry in the future to invest about $ 2 billion of equipment. Vietnam currently has 800 plastic manufacturing enterprises, of which 80% in Ho Chi Minh City, the main products including packaging products and materials, consumer goods, building supplies and high-tech plastics. According to the Vietnam Plastics Corporation, said that investment in the future of Vietnam's plastics industry equipment about $ 2 billion. Thus, the plastics machinery market in Vietnam is still a lot of opportunities there. Exhibition Overview: Vietnam International Trade Fair (VIETNAMEXPO) International Plastics and Rubber Industries (Vietnam) exhibition is organized by the Ministry of Industry and the next year the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, in order to give domestic and foreign enterprises and various trade promotion organizations to bring the smooth development conditions business partnerships, expand markets, develop production, management, import and export activities, the exhibition also introduces a new corporate products, new technologies for a better opportunity. In Vietnam into the depth of the global economic backdrop, the 27th Vietnam International Trade Fair 2017 will be Vietnam's most important trading activities, in order to promote investment and economic cooperation in the country and export to create a positive effect. 2016 26th Vietnam International Trade Fair (VIETNAMEXPO2016) has held a grand exhibition center in Vietnam and received a happy success, in April of each year VIETNAMEXPO is the most important trade promotion activities Vietnam 2016 exhibition has been Vietnam senior leader Deputy Prime Minister, leaders and foreign diplomatic representatives of various departments attended the opening, with 800 booths of 550 companies from: Cambodia, China, Czech Republic, Cuba, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United States, Vietnam and other 20 countries and regions participated in the exhibition at the scene of the contract amounting to more than 600 million dollars. Exhibitors all countries feel very satisfied. Fair between Vietnam Ministry of Trade (now the Ministry of Trade and Industry) has held the "Export Promotion Forum" in order to introduce the latest domestic and foreign enterprises in Vietnam economy, trade, investment and export promotion policies in Vietnam.

Exhibition involving product areas: ★ plastic and rubber raw materials and additives. ★ plastic and rubber injection molding production technology and equipment. Series of plastic injection molding machine, two-color injection molding machines, injection molding machines and disc rubber injection molding machines. Plastics and rubber extrusion production technology and equipment. ★ plastic foam sheet, pipe (hard pipe, hose, corrugated pipe, composite pipe) profiles, sheet, composite film, round wire, flat wire, wires, cables, mixing granulation production technology and equipment. Plastic blow molding production technology and equipment. Plastic extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, injection stretch blow molding and other production technology and equipment. ★ plastic packaging, printing production technology and equipment. Woven bags, cement bags, salivation composite, vacuum forming, composite flexible packaging, printing and bag cutting, stamping and other production technology and equipment. ★ Others: production technology and related equipment polyurethane, polystyrene foam, plastic welding, plate curing, plastic doors and windows assembly, plastic flooring, artificial leather and other production technology and equipment. ★ all kinds of accessories and related mold. Mixing equipment: mixer, a feeder, dryer, crusher, chiller, vibrators, cutting machine, gear, motors, electrical components, pneumatic components, heater screw barrel, mold. ★ rubber and plastic products. All kinds of tires, belts, hoses (including resin tube), rubber, sealing products and a variety of plastic products.

Shunde District of Foshan City of Plastic Products Co., Victoria. Located in Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, it is a professional production of PE board, ABS board, HIPS board, PMMA / ABS panels and other plastic sheet and plastic products. The products are widely used in construction, decoration, advertising, electrical appliances, sanitary ware, medical, packaging, automotive and other fields. In addition, it can be used for plates, panels, plastic intake technology.

Shunde District of Foshan City peacekeeping United Plastics Co., Ltd. was established in the 1980s, two generations of production and processing of plastics experience! Currently, we have eight production line of plastic sheet, the annual production capacity of up to 8,000 tons, is in front of Guangdong Province. In addition, we have plastic absorbing technology and equipment to support the production, can be customized according to customer requirements.

Today, people on manufacturers to design more stringent requirements, but we believe that our professional formula knowledge, inspiration and techniques that can help you reduce production costs, improve brand awareness, strengthen the development of new products, speed to market.

Our products are exported to Russia, Japan, Korea, Europe and many other colors and patterns for customers to choose colorful bright light panel pattern plate clear lines, refined and elegant matte board, a high level of plastic absorption techniques. We would like to be your trusted partner, let your creativity Ideal freer.

We have passed ISO9002 quality system certification, "market-oriented, integrity management, continuous innovation" is our business philosophy, we would like to sincerely cooperate with you.