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ABS plastic sheet is widely used in home renovations

ABS plastic sheet is widely used in home renovations

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   Seemingly innocuous ABS plastic plate attracted the attention of many persons present. Why, to paraphrase the words of the original store Purchasing Guide: a plastic plate, from which can build 10 million kinds of different shapes cabinet!Audience:
1, need to give parents the children's room custom furniture
2 people want to custom solid wood furniture, but worried about the budget is too high, moving trouble
Dimension of ABS plastic sheet, plastic sheet
This is a simple furniture from Zhongshan to the ABS resin plastic plate. Businesses in the form of sandwiches, ABS resin and the upper and lower layers of special foam material pressing, forming one. Environmental protection without formaldehyde, both waterproof and can resist the pressure of 220 kg. Perhaps you do not understand what is ABS resin, but its presence is no stranger to you perhaps, aircraft, mobile phones, luggage and other shell by its participation in the production. Currently there are black, blue, orange, white, pink, camel, gray, green 8 colors.
ABS plastic plates, plastic plates, plastic plates
Installation: The ABS plastic sheet upper and lower surfaces are eight mounting holes, use a different corner of each sheet skeleton will be engaging, arrangement, and ultimately the formation of a high-strength solid overall.
I feel that it is very interesting? If you think this is just a piece of plastic plate play, then you lose!
[Space] living room
Dimension of ABS plastic sheet
Plastic decorative plates, plastic plates, ABS plastic plate
[Bedroom] space
Plastic products, plastic sheet, ABS plastic plate, ABS decorative panels

Foshan Shunde William Plastic Products Co.,Ltd was established in the 1980s, two generations of production and processing of plastics experience! Currently, we have eight production line of plastic sheet, the annual production capacity of up to 8,000 tons, is in front of Guangdong Province. In addition, we have plastic absorbing technology and equipment to support the production, can be customized according to customer requirements. Specializing in the production of PE board, ABS board, HIPS board, PMMA / ABS panels and other plastic plate board and plastic products. The products are widely used in construction, decoration, advertising, electrical appliances, sanitary ware, medical, packaging, automotive and other fields. In addition, it can be used for plates, panels, plastic intake technology.