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Polyethylene plastic sheet called the

Polyethylene plastic sheet called the

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   High abrasion resistance and non-adhesive material polyethylene sheet material nature of these two in the 21st century more and more people's attention, polyethylene sheet material production technology developed to be achieved Jiaozuo polyethylene automated plate material production, domestic molecular level has been a world leader, a high molecular weight polyethylene sheet material imparting a particularly high impact resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, light weight, non-toxic health, etc. excellent performance. To develop high stiffness, high strength, high molecular weight polyethylene sheet material for use in high humidity environments become Jiaozuo polyethylene sheet material direction of development, so that high molecular weight polyethylene sheet material known as the "king of plastic."High molecular weight polyethylene sheet material has good self-lubricating and non-adhesive properties, and therefore does not adhere to the surface and bulk material in the bunker or silo and other cars, to the smooth operation of the transport system provides a reliable protection .
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Wear ultra-high molecular polyethylene sheet material is very good, it is not comparable to other metal products, and with increasing molecular weight polyethylene, wear will be better. Its corrosion resistance is relatively strong, in some pH environment can be a good corrosion. And low water absorption, which is equivalent to almost non-absorbent, long soak in the water swelling does not occur.

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In the low-temperature environment performance is also very prominent, fully able to adapt to the needs of different occasions, cryogenic embrittlement does not occur, not only embrittlement does not occur, it is quite excellent in impact resistance, can withstand strong impact. In addition to the impact resistance, low coefficient of friction make it ideal friction member, can improve the wear life of the equipment. Moreover, many food and drug industry does not reject the ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet material, because it is non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive. Jiaozuo high molecular weight polyethylene sheet so more and more people to use mass production.
Shunde District of Foshan City of Plastic Products Co., Victoria. Located in Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, it is a professional production of PE board, ABS board, HIPS board, PMMA / ABS board and plastic products. The products are widely used in construction, decoration, advertising, electrical appliances, sanitary ware, medical, packaging, automotive and other fields. In addition, it can be used for plates, panels, plastic intake technology.