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Plastic sheet of various performance testing

Plastic sheet of various performance testing

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Plastic sheet detection is for the plastic sheet of the various components of the detection and analysis services. Plastic sheet is made of plastic as raw material of the plate, it is not a pure substance, but prepared from a number of materials. In order to improve the performance of plastic sheet, but also add a variety of auxiliary materials, such as fillers, plasticizers, lubricants, stabilizers, coloring agents, in order to become a good performance of plastic sheet, the East has many years testing center plastic plate testing experience.
Test items:
Physical properties:
Apparent density Transmittance Haze Yellow index Whiteness Swelling ratio Water content Acid value Hardness
Mechanical behavior:
Impact properties Tensile properties Bending properties Electrical properties Abrasion resistance Low temperature properties Rebound properties Tear performance
Combustion performance:
Vertical combustion ignition temperature oxygen index level combustion hot rod
Thermal properties:
Thermal deformation temperature thermal decomposition temperature Vicat softening point high and low temperature impact glass transition temperature melting temperature
Aging performance:
Xenon lamp aging ultraviolet aging carbon arc aging hot air aging
Thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, hydraulic performance, insulation properties, moisture permeability, food and drug safety and health performance
Chemical resistance:
Engine oil gasoline acid - base water organic solvents vegetable oil cleaning agent
Hazardous substance test:
Soluble heavy metal ortho - benzene plasticizer formaldehyde REACH ROHS
The main testing products:
Anti-static plastic plate, turnover box, PP plate, washing machine backplane, refrigerator insulation layer, plastic sheeting, storage box, paper box, PE hollow board, insulation board partitions