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"Customer first" is the dimensional Union of plastic service concept

"Customer first" is the dimensional Union of plastic service concept

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"Customer first" is in the peacekeeping of the plastic in the development process has always uphold a basic concept. In providing quality products at the same time, our staff is committed to each customer to provide thoughtful sound pre-market after-sales service.
Whether the customer calls Advisory, or product feedback, our sales staff will be the first time to respond. From the product information, production progress to the logistics and distribution, tracking your order, timely updates and feedback, so that your business more convenient and easy.
Our sales staff will also call or e-mail to customers from time to time to visit, to collect customer feedback on the product, to consult the views of our customers and suggestions, and constantly improve and perfect our production and services to customers more satisfied.
Victoria Union is committed to the development of your career as a loyal partner, with your trust and support, we will do better!