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Definition of plastic sheet

Definition of plastic sheet

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Definition of material sheet
Foshan plastic plate
        Plastic sheet is made of many materials. In addition, in order to improve the performance of plastic, but also in the polymer to add a variety of auxiliary materials, such as fillers, plasticizers, lubricants, stabilizers, stabilizers, and so on, in addition to high-molecular-weight polymers, Coloring agents, in order to become a good performance plastic.
Definition of plastic sheet
       Synthetic resin is the most important component of plastic sheet, its content in plastic generally in the synthetic resin is the most important component of plastic sheet, its content in the plastic is generally 40% to 100%. Because the content is large, and the nature of the resin often determines the nature of the plastic, so people often regard the resin as plastic synonyms. For example, the polyvinyl chloride resin and PVC plastic, phenolic resin and phenolic plastic mix. In fact, resin and plastic are two different concepts. Resin is a raw polymer, not only for the manufacture of plastics, but also paint, adhesives and synthetic fiber raw materials. In addition to a very small part of plastic containing 100% of the resin, the vast majority of plastic, in addition to the main component resin, but also need to add other substances.