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PMMA & ABS composite board beige 1

PMMA & ABS composite board beige 1
PMMA / ABS alloy is a kind of excellent performance materials, it retains the good processing of ABS, toughness, PMMA both excellent weather resistance, surface hardness, gloss, etc., making PMMA / ABS alloy with better than ABS More weatherability, scratch resistance and gloss. Products are widely used in the appearance requirements for the appearance of a variety of electrical appliances, electronics and grocery accessories, especially LCD TVs and other large appliances, to achieve a high-gloss, spray-free. ABS / PMMA Properties: PMMA commonly known as plexiglass, with excellent optical properties and photoaging properties, but its melt viscosity, poor mobility, the gap impact strength is very small. The blending of ABS and PMMA can improve the thermal and mechanical properties of ABS and improve the mechanical properties of PMMA, especially the impact strength of MMA on the other hand. When the content of PMMA reached 40%, the surface roughness of ABS / PMMA alloy increased from 82% to 93%, the tensile strength of ABS / PMMA alloy increased from 44.8 MPa to 553 MPa, but the impact strength decreased from 118 J / m The results show that the apparent viscosity of ABS / PMMA blends increases with the increase of PMMA content, and the apparent viscosity of ABS / PMMA blends with high PMMA content is more sensitive to temperature.
ABS / PMMA processing description:
Under the same formulation conditions, the injection molding process (such as injection speed, mold temperature, etc.) has a great influence on the properties of the final product for the ABS / PMMA alloy material.On the same injection molding machine other conditions remain unchanged, Speed ??changes will lead to changes in the internal stress of the material, usually the higher injection speed, the greater the internal stress of the material, thus, the performance of the final product decreased to varying degrees.As shown in Table 1, different speeds ABS / PMMA alloy Injection molding products to be done at a higher temperature annealing. ABS / PMMA suitable annealing temperature is about 80 ℃. Mold temperature directly to the level of film filling process, when the mold temperature is lower than the mold temperature is lower than the mold temperature, 45 ℃ ~ 55 ℃, the material is not easy to fill the cavity, making the ABS / PMMA alloy products to form defects. Mold temperature is relatively high, easy filling, product surface performance deterioration, product performance is relatively poor.Therefore, Full of the premise, should try to reduce the mold temperature
Performance: 1. Formability is good
Can form the shape of a variety of sanitary ware shape;
2. Good weather resistance
High temperature, low temperature, long-term use will not fade, color lasting;
3. Good wear resistance
Smooth appearance and scrub resistance;
4. Excellent chemical resistance
5. Good impact resistance
6. Machining performance is good
Forming free cutting, cutting, keyhole engraving, which will help secondary processing;
7. Colorful and colorful
According to user requirements to deploy a variety of colors;
8. Environmental health
No pollution to the environment, recyclable, harmless to human body;
Applications: bath, shower, skirt, wash basin, billboards and other acrylic products
Product technical parameters: Thickness: 2 ~ 12mm
Maximum width: 2150mm
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