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PS board - blue - wine red - green

PS board - blue - wine red - green
PS plate commonly known as "organic board", the chemical name Polystyene polystyrene, density 1.02 ~ 1.08 is a thermoplastic, transparency is relatively high (light transmittance second only to plexiglass), have excellent electrical insulation, high frequency insulation Excellent mechanical properties and thermal processing properties than plexiglass, the ability of general chemical corrosion, chemical stability, the hardness and plexiglass similar to that of plexiglass, Water absorption and thermal expansion coefficient is less than plexiglass, the price is lower than plexiglass. [1]
Features and uses:
The product is made of polystyrene as the main raw material. It can be freely colored, odorless, tasteless and nontoxic, and can not be grown by fungus. It has the advantages of rigidity, insulation and printing. It is mainly used in packaging, Daily-use decoration, general electrical and construction industries.
PS polystyrene decorative board is polystyrene particles molded plastic extrusion unit on the extruded polymer organic sheet.
PS polystyrene decorative board is a thermoplastic. The specific gravity is 1.05, the melting temperature is 150-180 ℃, the absorption rate is low, the light transmittance can reach 88-92%. Ability of organic acids, alkali, salt and lower alcohols, but also soluble in esters and ketones.
PS plate is a relatively old plastic, after a sound production process from processing. PS plate and other plastic plate, compared with good transparency (light transmittance of 88% -92%) and surface gloss, easy to dye, high hardness, good rigidity, and PS board also has good water resistance, chemical resistance Corrosive, processing and mobility. PS plate also has shortcomings, the main drawback is: the board is more brittle, engage in low-impact strength, prone to stress cracking, and heat resistance is also poor and so on.
PS plate classification
A photopolymerizable PS plate. PS plate with this negative version of the original version, the photo part of the diazo photosensitive film see the light hardening, to stay in the version, the fly part of the diazo photosensitive film does not see light, will not harden, be removed by the developer.
2. Photolysis type PS board. The PS plate with the original version of the sun plate, non-graphic part of the diazo compounds see photolysis, the developer solution is dissolved to remove, remain in the version is still no light diazo compounds.
PS board features
1, PS plate production features:
(1) the plate is rolled out with the flat roll, it is easy to change the product specifications, easy to adjust, easy to achieve a comprehensive computer control and automated production;
(2) sheet shape is simple, can be rolled production, and the largest amount of the national economy, it must be able to achieve high-speed continuous rolling production;
(3) due to the wide ratio of thickness and surface area are large, so the production of rolling pressure is great, up to tens of millions to tens of millions of Newton, the rolling mill equipment complex large, but also the product width and thickness accuracy and shape and Surface quality control has become very difficult and complex.
2, PS board shape characteristics
PS board products, flat shape, generous than large, the surface area per unit volume is also great, this shape features bring its use of the features:
(1) surface area, it is inclusive capacity, in the chemical industry, containers, construction, metal products, metal structures, etc. have been widely used;
(2) can be arbitrarily cut, bending, stamping, welding, made of various components of the product, the use of flexible and convenient in the automotive, aviation, shipbuilding and tractor manufacturing and other sectors occupy an extremely important position;
(3) can be bent, welded into all kinds of complex sections of steel, steel, large I-beam, channel and other structural parts, it is called "universal steel." Here by the ps board manufacturers Xinlong organic mills to introduce you to the main purpose of the PS board.
Changzhou Xinlong Organic MILL is located in the beautiful beautiful city of Jiangsu - Changzhou, is a collection of production, development, sales in one of the modern ps sheet, ps organic sheet, plexiglass sheet, pc organic sheet specializing in the production of organic board plant. Provide ps board, ps organic sheet, plexiglass sheet of professional pricing and advice and provide a variety of colors sheet custom.
The main use of PS board are:
Electronic appliances: can be used in the manufacture of television sets, tape recorders and a variety of electrical instrumentation parts, housing, high-frequency capacitors, etc .; Construction: transparent parts for public buildings, optical instruments and transparent model of production, such as Dengzhao, Packaging containers and so on. Daily necessities: combs, boxes, toothbrush handles, ball-point pen, learning appliances, children's toys, etc .; other areas: can be used for foam production shock, noise insulation, sandwich structure materials, refrigerators, trains, boats, They come as insulation, noise, can also be used to do life buoy. With PS board printing for large quantities of printing, so that the cost of leaflets will be relatively low, suitable for printing color tag. Print with the printer, this method is relatively low cost, but the print results are not satisfactory, the maximum thickness of paper can only be printed 200g, with inkjet printer color is not good, with color laser printer cost is too high. Then there is offset, if printed with sulfuric acid, then low cost, suitable for black and white printing.
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